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  • Turn. 09/04/21
    Turn to the window, beside what you know; turn to the willows, of knowledge that grow. Turn to the pillars, of strength you uphold; turn to the wisdom, the seeds that you’ve sowed. Turn to the clouds, formed from your past; turn to your doubts, that you hide from your heart. Turn to the pain,Continue reading “Turn. 09/04/21”
  • (no title)
  • (no title)
    Internal restraint. Silently,I pray;Let all of these thoughts,Run through my brain. I close my eyes,And I see the same;Like it’s a force,Inside my veins. I clear my mind,And heal my pain;I can’t forget,I can learn new ways. I’m adventuring,Through unknown terrain;Plotting a new course,Crashing through the waves. I’m learning that time,Can create it’s own way;FromContinue reading
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